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BHAG is a term coined by great business minds, James Collins and Jerry Porras. Pronounced 'Bee-hag', it describes your deepest, darkest, and most delirious dream for your business. The whole idea of the BHAG is that it’s big, scary, and seemingly impossible. But the reality is it’s a tangible, motivating goal that proves you’re making your vision a reality and is on course with your purpose. Here are five

Let’s just bloody say it — sales has a really bad rep! Don't believe me? How about telemarketers - “used cars salesman”? In 2007, the US Housing Market collapsed because of dodgy mortgages sold by shady sales people. 'Free' breakfasts, advertising EVERYWHERE (maybe you can blame marketing for that one), overflowing junk mail folders, etc. But this was how people knew how to always be closing. In