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6 Ways to Kick-Start your Sales Stat!

With a constantly evolving market and the start of a new financial year ahead of us, now is the best time to review your sales strategy. Let’s look at some actionable steps that will ultimately kickstart your sales so you can kickass on the playing field.

1. Keep Your Eyes OFF the Prize (For Now)

Nothing turns a lead sour faster than asking for money too soon. Remember, lead nurturing is well worth its returns in the long-run – especially when that prospect turns into a returning customer, who tells their friends about you!

Better Approach: Ask your potential clients about THEIR situation, listen, and seek their feedback/opinion about your product/service before asking for their $$$.

2. Be A Consultant

Anticipate services and products that may be of use to your clients. Keep up-to-date on what is happening with their business, so you can provide relevant info i.e. follow them on social media and follow-up.

Better Approach: Keep abreast of everything that is happening in your clients’ industries at large: know what’s trending. This way you can perhaps provide new information (and of course, solutions) for your clients.

3. Bring On the WOW

What is it that is your wow factor? This is what your clients tell their friends about and how they spread the word about your business.

Better Approach: Add value in every possible way, this means in a business sense and in a personal sense – it’s incredible what a positive outlook can do.

4. 20/80 Rule

Don’t waste all your resources on trying to convert just one lead, or a few. It is easy to get distracted and lose focus from the big picture. That being said, 20% of prospects will turn into 80% of your sales.

Better Approach: Focus on a larger group of leads, offer them your time and expertise, and use your discretion to determine which leads are most likely to convert. Your intuitive response is usually right.

5. Spring Clean Your CRM

How many leads are sitting in your CRM that you’ve let go dead? Clean it up, workout who needs some follow up, make phone calls and delete the old contacts.

Better Approach: There’s always a critical date, holiday or deadline looming, leverage that to tell them about what special you can offer them or even just get in touch with a pleasant greeting. You’ll be surprised how many people meant to call you back but just ran out of time or forgot.

6. Let Your Difference Shine

Show your prospects that you’re not like other companies – you’re different, special, better. You know how to add value to their business better than anyone else.

Better Approach: Be creative, be fun – there’s something about a great team culture and new ideas that have people coming back for more.


You bet that at Hunt & Hawk we won’t only kickstart your sales, we’ll get it fired up and running like a dream! Get in touch for your free discovery session today.