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Creating Content to Hype and Hustle in 5 Steps

‘Content’ has become a very 21st century word. Consumable content, valuable content, video content, explicit content (!). ‘Content’ is the all-encompassing way we describe the audio-visual information we consume. Here are 5 steps to creating content to hype and hustle to make sure you’re as CONTENT as possible with the content you create for your business!

1. Find your Audience

This is your starting point. What is your business’s purpose? And who is vibing with you? Thanks to the digital age no admirer remains secret anymore. Find out who’s already engaging with your social media posts, blogs, website, and other content. Also, who are your competitors’ content targeting? This should give you a pretty good idea about who you are creating content for.

2. Connect and Nurture

There are really two parts to this next step: development and engagement. Audience Development, as Luke Kintigh, Head of Publishing at Intel iQ, describes is, “Sustaining an audience – providing so much ongoing value that they naturally seek out your content and become a loyal reader” (Content Marketing Institute, 2018). Engagement is a two-way street; reach out, build rapport, and create lasting relationships.

3. Integrate your Content

What better way to show your audience you are agile and dynamic than with diversified and interesting posts? Change the pace with a video, podcast, or photo-story. Facebook posts that include images receive 2.3 times more engagement than posts without (Buzzsumo 2015). However, this doesn’t mean that you can post irrelevant photos in an effort to boost your clicks. What it’s saying is that multimedia multimedia integration works a treat when it comes to content creation. And if you want your brand’s content to fly high, you’ll need to diversify.

4. Play by the Platform’s Rules

Tailor-fit your content distribution strategy according to the platform or channel. LinkedIn: company news, industry information, job openings. Facebook: photos, videos, articles, banners, anything that supports/builds your brand. Typically, more casual than LinkedIn and provides an opportunity to post content that isn’t strictly business. Twitter: news, up-to-date information, interesting facts, GIFs, participating in industry conversations. Also, keep in mind Twitter has a sense humour, and, at times, she’s very sarcastic too. Instagram: high-resolution photos, quotes, stories, general inspo posts.

5. Quality Content makes for Quality Followers

Keep your content clear, concise, and error-free. Content should add value or entertain – if it’s not doing one of these things it’s probably not worth posting. The digital age has meant producing content is easier than ever, but this doesn’t mean that everyone should be doing it. Some things are still best left to the professionals. Hunt and Hawk are ready to get started with awe-striking, client building content for your business. Let’s discuss it at a FREE flying class for your business aimed at having your content fly sky high.

The Golden Rule of content is what you put in is what you get out. It’s no mystery that well-researched, well-written, and original content tends to get people excited.

Happy posting and remember to always proofread (twice!).