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Delight your Customers with RevOps

Customer experience is the key to growth. After all, there are other similar services, products, and even companies. So why someone chooses you, comes down to the customer experience (CX). And it starts with your brand. As soon as your brand reaches someone, they’re enrolled in your unique CX. Whether they see an ad, visit your website, or buy a product or service, their experience affects their perception of your brand/company. If each experience is dramatically different without cohesion, customers are left confused and disengaged.

But this isn’t simply about creating pretty pictures or snappy jingles, it’s about designing an intentional CX that addresses their needs. And here’s why. CX affects your bottom line. It’s how you win over more customers, retain them, and get them to tell all their friends how awesome you are. So you need a CX strategy that works consistently.


80% of consumers say they expect brands to have a consistent message and appearance across all their digital platforms – Acquia, 2021 Customer Experience Trends Report.


The biggest drivers of CX are your products/services and the people you hired to deliver them. And of course, every interaction they have with your company either adds to or detracts from their CX. From the tone of your emails to the message in your invoices to the way you answer the phone, it all says more than you think. So it’s no wonder many are missing the boat with their CX strategy. Here’s why.

A weak understanding of customers

Developing a genuine relationship with your customers relies on exchanging information. It can’t be the company sending non-stop communications via email, text, or social media. It involves research, listening, and gathering information. After all, customers are the reason you’re in business, so getting clarity about how you solve the problems they’re facing is step number one.  

Have you ever heard of a buyer persona? It’s a collection of data that represents the average customer you serve. Many businesses serve a few key types of customers. And this knowledge is insanely powerful when applied correctly. Once the motivations, problems, and needs of each persona are known, messaging and experience can be tailored to speak in the right language, tone, and style that match each persona.

A lack of measurement for the CX

Most organisations surprisingly don’t measure CX at all. In fact, some skipped the whole suite – without regular customer feedback loops, satisfaction surveys, or NPS scores. Figuring out where your company stands with its CX is critical to identifying what needs to be improved. And many companies struggle to know which factors matter most. 

Some of the best ways to measure CX are customer journey touch points, churn rates, satisfaction scores, or complaints. Major milestones have big impacts like the onboarding experience, follow-up communications, customer activation processes, and speedy responses. Getting a pulse on these will help every company to understand their current CX and help identify options for improvement. We recommend asking how customers feel after each touch point.

Breaking down internal silos

We’ve all seen it. Sales blames marketing for a lack of leads and marketing blames sales for a lack of conversions. Product drives innovations and customer service is swamped with support issues. The blame game is common inside organisations even though everyone shares the same vision. The road to driving growth can have different paths for different departments. But this is where poor CX begins.

Organising the company and each department across a shared customer vision is the start of better CX. And sharing data across departments is critical to informing the master CX. When the customer service team knows where people get stuck, relaying these insights back to product teams is critical for change. By rallying around the customer, everyone is responsible to delight customers and takes pride in sharing insights that will keep customers satisfied.

Blending tech, experience, and revenue with RevOps

Managing information ad hoc leads to gaps. But there’s one central solution that will save the day – technology. Customer relationship management tools blend intelligence both online and offline. Painting a single view of the customer with the right CX tech gives everyone access to an instant snapshot and history. These are the stories that matter. 

Revenue Operations (RevOps) is the blending of teams across all facets of the business that serve your customers. Better CX starts with RevOps, which in turn positively impacts your bottom line. 

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