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Hunt & Hawk 2022 Halloween Hall of Horrors Article Banner

In any profession there are highs and lows – that’s a fact. When it comes to sharing expectations it can be challenging. Between tight deadlines, complex industries, or essential communications, sometimes we get our wires crossed. It can be hair-raising and tense.

Over the years, we’ve heard it all. From the random requests to last-minute changes, and even complete 180°s – nothing phases us. 

Just like all creatives, we serve our clients with passion, tenacity, and boldness – but we all need a laugh about some of those ‘huh?’ moments we experience. We’ve collected some of the funniest requests that made our eyes twitch the most.

Come share a laugh with us.


2022 Hunt & Hawk 2022 Halloween Hall of Horrors Final Grid


About our spooky Advent Calendar

In creating our Halloween Hall of Horrors, our Senior Designer Zane used the opportunity to integrate an AI tool to create some truly spooky visuals. AI tools are becoming more common in creative practices, but how designers apply them is shifting the design process. Zane shares his thoughts below on AI in design and how he used it in his creative process this spooky season.  


What tool did you use to create the graphics? 

For the Halloween posts, we used an AI tool called Midjourney. There are a lot of AI tools out there, but Midjourney has a real ‘concept art’ kind of feel rather than just putting things together randomly. Midjourney is a Discord-based app in which you type ‘/imagine’ followed by the visual description you want the AI tool to generate. You can add extra prompts to help inspire the style that you’re looking for. For example: ‘high detail’, ‘ultra-realistic’, and so on. One of the prompts that we used to generate the Halloween posts was, ‘/imagine magician, dark, ultra-realistic, 4k, unreal engine, high resolution, smooth render, –aspect 2:3’. 


How do you feel AI is shaping design? 

AI is extremely powerful and its capabilities are growing at an incredible rate. However, I find it more of a ‘tool’ and we designers shouldn’t be too worried that it’s coming after our jobs. Using AI to generate appropriate images is a skill in itself. You need to understand how keywords or prompts affect your results and modify them to steer the AI in the right direction. Even then, AI can get you 70 per cent of the way there. While it’s great to come up with ideas and compositions, it can’t quite produce artwork that can be distinguished from photography or human-generated artwork. 


How do you think AI can or will be used in the future? 

It’s really hard to imagine just how far this could go, seeing as not long ago the capabilities it has now would have seemed crazy or impossible! Right now we have excellent AI capabilities in terms of imagery, but I think in the near future we will see more AI-generated video, especially in the realm of deep fakes. You can already use AI in a video to make it appear like someone is saying something they haven’t said. 

It’s easy to spot now, but it’s scary to think that soon there will be videos of world leaders saying things that they didn’t really say at all. We obviously need to consider how this could be used, but on a lighter note, I think in our lifetime we will start to see movies completely generated by AI. .  Think of the movies Avatar or Dune – but without the need for any actors or even 3D artists at all! I think these will be a bit abstract and arty at first – which will have its own appeal – but eventually, we probably won’t even be able to tell how something was made. 

At Hunt & Hawk, we’re excited about the future and what it will hold for AI tools. We’re always looking for new creative ways to design beautiful imagery that helps to define a brand. If you want to find out more about our creative process, or how our designers are looking to innovate design, drop us a line at hello@huntandhawk.com