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Hunt & Hawk Article | RevOps

‘RevOps’—the new business buzzword. 

‘RevOps’ stands for ‘Revenue Operations’—and it’s relevant across every aspect of your business. Job roles focused on revenue—like Chief Revenue Officer and Vice President of Revenue—are growing twice as fast as similar sales roles on LinkedIn.

We work Revops every day.

At its heart, RevOps is about maximising revenue—through the lens of Customer Experience before, during and after sales. That lens helps reimagine roles into a new alignment—to put happy customers at the centre of everyone’s work. 

That’s what we mean by pioneering the new chemistry of sales, marketing and technology.

In fact, Hunt & Hawk was founded to take a RevOps approach before it became a buzzword. We’re an outsourced RevOps team working sales, tech and marketing—reaching into product and business development whenever needed.

For us, it all starts with Client Experience (or CX).

Better CX—it all starts here.

Harvard Business Review says the fastest growing businesses use a RevOps approach by ‘keeping CX at the heart of operations’. Great CX across the customer lifecycle means paying customers, return customers, and advocate customers—in B2B and B2C alike.

Achieving that takes alignment between messaging, relationship and product. And that means companies aligning in the background—which is all about collaboration. Most companies list collaboration as a value—yet they’re structured around separate departments or divisions.

Trouble can brew.

We see it all the time—in tech companies especially. Product people want to innovate, marketing wants a competitive edge, and sales are chasing dollars. They can all be pulling in different directions—and that shows up in CX.

Better collaboration—not just more meetings.

When Gartner calls RevOps ‘the modern operating model for fast-forward organisations’, it signals process and relationship more than function or deliverables. So RevOps asks companies to collaborate as an organising principle—in relationships, processes, and shared internal technology.

When companies come to us for sales, marketing and technology, we use our own collaborative processes to pull the whole picture into view. Collaboration taps into everyone’s knowledge—from CEO to sales to support. We facilitate workshops for new questions, connections and insights.

We show the value of letting collaboration play big—leaving hierarchy aside to tap into everyone’s valuable viewpoint. Along the way we notice internal relationships changing, and doors staying open for collaboration. 

It turns out, RevOps feels pretty good.

Better messaging—not just more advertising.

Our workshops lead to better messaging by generating insights around value. How and why do customers truly get value? What features matter, what pain points drive decisions? What benefits are truly transformative rather than just ‘nice to haves’?

Collaboration delivers better answers to all these questions. Then in the hands of expert copywriters, brand positioning starts to set customers up for the journey they actually need—not just one they’ve been convinced to pay for. It’s about the right fertiliser for the right soil. A RevOps approach to messaging means finding and speaking with the whole voice of the company—not just shouting louder than the competition.

Imagine your website clear as day, with powerful voice and visuals. Imagine your socials always on track, with less fluff and more of what matters to your customers. Imagine your internal teams ready to speak in brand voice, using stress-tested concepts and language.

RevOps in marketing means great CX starts at messaging—and customers primed for exactly the service you deliver.


Better leads—not just more numbers.

With collaboration on lock and messaging sorted, the RevOps technology approach comes into its own. We audit existing tech, looking at spend, suitability, team performance, and how the tech stack aligns to customer journey and customer success.

We’ve experimented with scores of CRM’s, tested their limits and often found them too siloed and specific for a transformative RevOps approach. 

We find HubSpot a powerful RevOps tool. Its integration into new sales and support provides better baseline data, better shared tools and tech, and better business management functionality that ties revenue to every aspect of operations.

This approach delivers customer success on the ground—and serious insight for the boardroom.

Better revenue—not just more numbers.

That boardroom or C-suite insight matters—because RevOps needs organisational support at the highest levels. Resources get allocated to wherever there’s a real gap in collaboration or customer journey—not just where it’s easiest to throw resources, like ‘more sales’ or ‘more advertising’.

With collaboration, messaging, and technology in alignment, the whole company starts to hum. People are more confident in their shared vision, and customers more confident in why they’re with you.

With so much less noise, negative currents in CX are elevated to surface ripples, and can be traced to their source quickly, then remedied. The learning can be applied collaboratively through the whole company—and whole customer lifecycle.

RevOps doesn’t just fix your revenue problems—it prevents future problems.


Get RevOps with us.

Get in touch for a confidential conversation about how the RevOps approach could work for your company. This is our passion—so you’ll find we’re happy to share our insights.

For a strategic approach with creative execution, reach out to our co-founders Sonya or Ryan for a discovery conversation.