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Stop trying so hard to make the sale and have clients knocking on your door instead. This is the antithesis of the shotgun approach – marketing for tomorrow. It’s slow and steady but will give you a long-term pay-off. It’s not the not all-that instantly measurable, but a sure-as-hell worth-it approach to driving sales in the long-run.

So let’s begin…

Demand Generation

The first thing to remember about ‘Demand Generation’ is that the demand for your service, your product, your wonderful and unique offering does indeed exist… you just might not have tapped into it yet.

Demand Generation comes from building awareness; by talking to the needs of your clients (even the ones they didn’t even know they had). Diving deep, addressing narrow topics, and creating value – doing things with intention rather than guess.

In a tangible sense this is hosting events, conferences, and webinars, or creating educational material, blogs, ebooks, podcasts, etc. Essentially, showing rather than telling what it is you can offer people. Values-driven content and engagement will create long-term customer relationships, rather than a strict conversion approach to marketing.

Reverse Engineering your Marketing

Creating value, a strong brand, and addressing your client’s needs will naturally lead to better quality leads, which will save you time, money, and effort in the long run. This is what we mean by marketing for tomorrow as a slow and steady approach.

Engaging in long-term marketing strategy has proven a reduction of affective conflict in and an increased cognitive conflict in client relations. Meaning – you won’t be butting heads over different expectations or opinions, but rather debating ideas and issues, leading to a more robust synergy and an all-round better result – i.e. customer satisfaction. (Biz Journal, 2010).

The thing is though, this type of marketing can’t necessarily be measured right away by sales metrics, BUT it can be measured by looking at engagement on social media, sign-ups to weekly newsletters, and the quality of leads that are generated.

What’s the Long-Term Pay-Off?

Firstly, it frees up your time to actually get on with your business and what it is you actually do. Instead of having nitty-gritty conversations to make the sale, MQLs are approaching you with their wallets out (because they already know the value you can provide for them).

Secondly, when you have an established brand and clients are aware of your value, they are willing to pay more! A 2016 Survey by Pacific Crest Securities showed that when contracts exceeded $25K, real-life sales dramatically increased to more than half the total sales made. Meaning that when customers started approaching companies, they were willing to pay more for the product or service. (2012)

This is NOT a quick-fix approach to marketing, but instead a long-term investment with extremely attractive pay-offs. If you’re willing to invest in your business’s future, it will be worth it to invest your time in a free-flying class for your business with Hunt & Hawk. Design your future today!