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What the Movers and Shakers know about Marketing Industry insights for your business

Marketing has changed so profoundly due to new technology that some predict more has changed in digital marketing in the last two years than in the last century (Digital Marketing Institute, 2018). It is an exciting time to be apart of such a rapidly changing industry, but it also means if you don’t keep your finger on the pulse your business could be left behind. These are our top industry insights to help your business harness digital marketing’s breakthroughs and SOAR!

Landing Page Optimisation (LPO)

LPO means using what you already know about your prospects as well as incorporating your brand’s messaging, to achieve high conversion rates via your landing page – i.e. people entering their info, downloading your offering or engaging to find out more. At the top end, the best landing pages experience a 27.4% conversion rate, while the median rate is closer to 2 to 6% (Crazy Egg, 2018).

So what does LPO look like? The goals/desires of your prospects should be the main driver of your LPO, however these are some of the go-to ways to start optimising:

  • Intuitive Design: The natural flow of your website should result in the timely appearance of landing page whereby your prospects have already found out a bit about your business but are left wanting to know more.
  • Clear and Concise CTA: Use simple language here and make your message clear. Don’t disguise your CTA in complex words leaving the user unsure with what they should be doing on this page. Also, scarcity marketing gives users an extra incentive e.g. “for a limited time”, “limited spaces available”, “free until…”.
  • Consistency of Brand and Messaging: There should be an obvious link between what you say and how you say it on the rest of your website to what you say and how you say it on your landing page. Make this link clear: use landing page headlines effectively.

Voice Searches: Is your business Siri-friendly?

Over 40% of search-engine-using adults choose voice search over screen search everyday and when asked, at least 50% say they are satisfied with the result and 38% say they are neutral (Blue Corona, 2018). The number of users/rate-of-satisfaction is only expected to rise as this technology continues to improve.

What does this means for your business? Making your content more voice search friendly will become increasingly important. The search terms people type vs what they say are considerably different – make note and optimise accordingly. Also, that number-one spot on Google will become even more coveted as voice-search tools automatically favour this result.

Big Data, Bigger Deal

Now more than ever before marketers have a greater understanding about the desires, motivations and goals of their customers and prospective customers. Using data-sets effectively can tell you: how much customers are willing to pay for a particular product/service; at what point of the sales cycle is the best time to engage with a prospective customer; how to optimise your CRM and nurture streams depending on different lead profile – to name only a few.

Big data is giving quantitative insight into how best to interact with our leads. Being able to optimise an email campaign, create more effective CRM or fill your content with better SEO terms – are all marketing techniques (among many) that have been dramatically enhanced by big data.

At Hunt and Hunk we like to consider ourselves among the movers and shakers that embrace change and encourage the employment of new tech in marketing strategy. Get in touch with us today for a free growth session to talk about the future of your business’s marketing strategy.