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Too many industry insiders don’t dare say it: Most marketing agencies suck*. It’s not rocket science, but too many marketing agencies burn your fuel, then never break the atmosphere. You’ve probably learnt the hard way. After bootstrapping, then funding, then building a culture that’s ready to scale, you’ve been let down. Big promises, bigger briefings, avalanches of slick documents full of (ahem)… the latest marketing jargon. But it’s fluffy,

As told by Hunt & Hawk co-founder, Ryan Devlin. For those out-of-the-loop, the Navy Seal Challenge is about emulating the life of those in the elite US special operations force and involves waking up at 4.30am. That's the most unsettling part of the challenge! It has become a hit with business execs wanting to exercise, meal-prep, and complete other tasks, all before the workday begins. And I must say,