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It will come as no surprise, but Saint Patrick’s Day is the biggest beer-drinking day of the year in many cities across the United States. One Nielsen survey found that beer sales on Saint Patrick’s Day in Chicago rose by 221% on the previous weekend’s figures. But the real question for beer drinkers looking to raise a glass to Ireland’s patron saint is simple: how do you get

We’ve all come across an Instagram profile that stops us in our tracks – but have you ever felt like someone on social media was simply too perfect? Perhaps you’ve just stumbled upon Aaditya Iyer. When the handsome ‘entrepreneur’ shared his first photo on Instagram in early February, a growing band of followers in his native India swooned. In less than two weeks, Iyer amassed a legion of more than

Some of you might recall the days of jetsetting to the other side of the world, firmly gripping a pocket translator phrasebook wherever you went. Sí? Oui? Ja? We’ve come a long way in the world of translation services. Or have we? While attempts at translation technologies can be traced to the late 1940s – that’s not a typo – it was in 1992 that the world’s first public

Are you keen to make a serious statement with your marketing in 2023? This ever-changing and unpredictable field demands constant attention, coupled with the need to be adaptable. Where should you put your energies this year? Well, with our finger firmly on the pulse, we've identified five powerful marketing trends to watch in 2023.   1. Short Video Content Rules If a picture conveys a thousand words, imagine the power of a

“A yes is always better when it starts with a no.” – Mike Ross, Suits “We’re all in sales now.” – Daniel H. Pink, Author of 'To Sell Is Human' Yes, two quotes in one intro – but great selling is not always about following the rules! Anyone can sell. In fact, everyone does sell. We just might call it something else. We use the art of persuasion in our

Branding is dead. Long live CX. Lots of people are saying it.  We agree with the CX bit – but even in the new world of Customer Experience (CX), the death of branding has been greatly exaggerated. Great branding doesn’t compete with CX. Great branding is the foundation of CX. What goes into a great brand? It’s much more than a logo or identity. We live by that. In