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At the time they were groundbreaking inventions. Life-changing, even. Or so we thought.  A bunch of revolutionary technologies were once massive crazes but are now mere memories. We’ve already retraced the rich history of portable music players and the demise of associated inventions. Now, we’re turning our attention to other nifty devices, gadgets, and more.  Their stories provide several critical learnings that are relevant for all sorts of brands

You Can't Always Get What You Want, the title of a Rolling Stones hit from 1969, sure isn’t indicative of how we dine out on music these days. When it comes to song choice, we get what we want when we damn want it.  While we take this instant gratification for granted, it’s easy to forget it wasn’t always so simple. Customer-focused music tech has come a long, long

‘Tech shame’ is a phrase that’s getting thrown about in some workplaces.  And despite what you might think at face value, it’s not older audiences that are dealing with the embarrassment.  It’s ‘the kids’. Or Gen Z workers to be more precise. This demographic is often lumped with a perception that it's a collective of absolute tech whizzes. Most of us have probably witnessed — and possibly marvelled — at

A new website is what you need—we get it. It’s outdated. A bit tired. And it doesn’t work. The last web designers promised the world—but now the shine’s worn off, you’re in a world of disappointment. You suspect that you’re closing sales despite your website—not because of it. So you need a new website. From… another web agency? Beware—the curse of the new website starts there. If you

For Rod Stead—General Manager at GI Building Sciences (GIBS)—bold marketing with Hunt & Hawk grew his sales by 10x—and made his company a fortune.  As manufacturers of green building insulation, GIBS entered the pandemic concerned that growth might be out of reach. After mixed success with past marketing and sales efforts, they had no accountability, visibility, or strategy—or the tech to tie it all together.  They were flying

Why your CRM can run your business. There’s a new chemistry emerging in business management. Software offers ever more data. Integrations become ever more possible and ever more complex. Business success comes from coherence, and one tool is emerging—to rule them all. That one tool is a Business-wide Management Tool. It may be closer at hand than you think—as close as choosing and mastering the right CRM (spoiler

Automation, or rather the industry buzz phrase ‘Sales Force Automation’, when uttered, can incite a certain fear and loathing among sales teams. Why? Because of misunderstandings and incorrect ideas attached to automation when it comes to sales. We are here to myth bust and manage expectations about automation and what it can do for your sales processes. Ready to find out how to successfully implement automation? 1.