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What We Do Instead of Advertising

Everyone hates ads, yet people keep advertising.

When you think about it, the opposite of an ad – something requiring paid distribution – is something that is distributed freely! For something to gain the affinity of its viewers/users to the point that they share it among their contacts, it has to be just that… a thing.

A thing is tangible, likeable, useful, interesting, and engaging – it’s about creation. Creating an emotional response, something you can participate in, something you can use, or even just an idea you want to tell your friends about.

Luke Roope, the founder of London-based digital advertising agency Poke London, uses the ethos, “Don’t tell me you’re funny. Instead, tell me a joke” as the cornerstone of his agency’s approach to advertising. It’s about showing, not just telling.

So how do you prove your business’s value in a world over-saturated and underwhelmed by advertising?

Don’t do it. Let your brand do the talking!

We’ve spoken (blogged) about branding a lot (here and here), so you know by now, that what your brand represents and why it is you do what you do is the foundation of your business. Naturally, your content needs to coincide with your brand.

a thing So instead of advertising, we are about creating content that reinforces and encapsulates your brand, all the while actually providing something useful and good for the viewer. Creating, i.e. events, editorials, communities, videos, pop-up shops, installations, editorials, ebooks, podcasts, apps, viral content.


You’re in the business of financial planning, your brand is about making financial planning easy and understandable for the average person. Instead of telling people you’re here to make their financial lives easier, actually do it: create a free app that helps people keep track of their daily spending. Having already seen the value in what you create, people will be excited about knowing what else your business can do.

Another Example:

In one aspect of your business, connections and networks are super important. So instead of telling people, you have an impressive Rolodex, show them. Why not create an online community where people can connect? You won’t be giving away all your tricks because nothing can beat real-life rapport, but show people the way you are committed to creating mutually beneficial relationships.

It’s 2019 and frankly, the age of advertising (think: Mad Men) is over.

Internet and newsfeeds have changed the way people interact with products, they want to be able to do just that, interact rather than just be sold to. Hunt and Hawk believe in a robust and integrated approach to advertising your business. We create strong brands and beautiful campaigns. Get in touch today for a free-flying class for your business, we want to take your business sky-high.