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WHY do anything Finding your Business’s WHY is where your Purpose lies

It is obvious when a brand is marketing based on their WHY rather than WHAT or HOW. Maybe you’ve never noticed or thought about it before, but it obvious in the way these brands are universally known and global leaders in their industries.

Examples of companies who know and assert their ‘WHY’:

Virgin: Richard Brandson created a pay-for-what-you-use business model. Yes it is also a young, hip and cool brand, but that is more about their what and how. Their WHY is about finding the gaps in the market (airline, gyms, music, credit cards) and creating a service that charges based on what their clients want/require.

Apple: This one is the most popular of the WHY examples because of how powerful it is. They entered the industry with the intention to disrupt the status-quo, create something totally unique and completely change the user-experience. Take a look at the recent iPhone billboard campaign, the ones featuring high-quality and striking photos that have all been taken using the iPhone camera. They don’t bother mentioning the specifications or price of the phone – they go straight to the WHY: we want people to be able to take great photos whenever/wherever with their phone.

Paypal: These guys state their brand WHY clearly in their mission statement – “To build the web’s most convenient, secure, cost-effective payment solution”.

Something all these companies have in COMMON is that their focus is on serving their customers. They have all brought themselves into existence to provide SOLUTIONS and create better USER-EXPERIENCES.

This is the BIG difference between HOW + WHAT and WHY… The WHY is about others, the WHAT + HOW is about yourself.

WHAT: Well duh, everyone knows this…It’s the products and services on offer.

HOW: How you do it? What sets you apart? Why are you special? Perhaps you serve a niche?

WHY: Belief, Purpose, Values, (Big) Goals, Vision — BHAG

If you’re saying to yourself I’ve never thought of my WHY? Don’t freak out, you probably already have one, it’s just dormant and hasn’t been properly nurtured/integrated into your business strategy.

Quick Qs to get you thinking about your brand WHY

  • What is your super strength?
  • What do I want to look back on and say ‘I’m glad I did that in my career’?
  • Where do you add value to your customers’ lives?
  • What excites me?

At Hunt & Hawk we can help you bring your WHY to life! Your WHY is the beginning to your journey to becoming the best in your industry. Book a free growth session with us here.