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Did Data Kill the Creative Marketer

Without marketing analytics you cannot understand, predict, manage, shape, test and evaluate your business’s marketing strategy. In a survey of senior marketing executives done by the Harvard Business Review in 2008, “more than 80% of respondents were dissatisfied with their ability to measure marketing ROI”.

So fast forward a decade, we are now on the other side of the web analytics wave and potentially dealing with a creativity crisis. Data analysis tells us what customers’ want and what is trending – but in order to be innovative we have to think outside these bounds!

There needs to be a MARRIAGE between creativity and data: one cannot lead the other, they have to be insync in order to make the the most of both of them.

It requires you to take a big-picture stance and examine the not-so-quantifiable impact your business is having across all platforms/spaces. We want to know what is happening for your brand and business in the big, messy web of life, i.e. on and offline marketing and brand management!

It’s about using the quantifiable results (i.e. ROI, online conversions, shares etc. ) to make creative decisions about how your marketing strategy and asking yourself…

“Who is connecting with our brand and what experience are they having?”

There is no one tool that will do all this for you. It requires handling marketing analytics and infusing them with the human experience.

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes expertly did this in 2017, they ended a five year marketing hiatus with their “My Perfect Bowl” advertising campaign across television and social media in the UK. The ads are a documentary style video of regular people detailing how they eat their Corn Flakes. The company completely overhauled their data research to understand how people’s media consumption habits are changing and then forming a new creative direction for the 93-year-old brand. The campaign was a huge hit, so much so the Aussie version was launched earlier this year.

The current challenge we face in marketing is the disconnection between the creative and the data. Tasks like marketing analytics are left to just one person or the CMO – BUT the creative side has to be involved in this if we want to fully grasp our triumphs and failures.

When it comes to tracking your marketing efforts it is not about being anal, it’s about being analytical! Precision and data save you time, then turning those into actionable marketing strategy – well that’s just phenomenal.

Hunt and Hawk are 21st century marketers with a deep curiosity about how these two factors create extraordinary brand experiences for clients. We are about the integration of data and creativity to have these two allies working side-by-side for your business. To see your business fly high, let’s organise a free business flying class for your business today.